Meanwhile on Planet Ocean

Where ever it is you call home, imagine if you closed up enough doors or put up an imaginary wall that left you with only about one-quarter of your living space. Nice and cosy, huh? Well this crudely represents how much landmass is on planet earth. The remainder you cordoned off is metaphorically speaking the world’s oceans. Somehow I think we should be saying we live on Plant Ocean, not on Planet Earth.

For us land-lovers it’s almost incomprehensible how massive the ocean is in breadth and depth. Our increasing affinity to living an urban lifestyle is running the risk of us forgetting how important the ocean is to…well, everything!

We have literally only scratched the surface of what is truly underneath the waves with NOAA putting a figure of less than 5% of the ocean has been explored. Its inhabitants are exquisitely designed for life underwater, with new species being documented daily. Its remarkable to think we still don’t know much about our oceans which dictate the earth’s climate, feeds the world and helps us breathe.

There is no doubt our oceans are in trouble. It’s not every day 400-year old corals just decide to die. The storm clouds are brewing and scientists are not painting a pretty picture for the future with their educated interpretations. It should concern everyone as it affects everyone.

While this may leave you feeling despondent and helpless, there are stories of inspiration emerging from around the globe. Last week I came across a wonderful post on Grist proof there are good news stories out there and plenty of reasons to celebrate. ‘Team Ocean’ is also winning the battle for science in the midst of large media corporations choosing entertainment value over facts.

The examples above are proof that we can make a difference but it all start with us and the choices we make. There are many tangible things we can all do to give oceans a helping hand. One step at a time we have the opportunity to make more educated choices and at the same time maybe even start a blue revolution.


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